Nature-based Solutions for the Planet

Special Announcement from Governor Polis of Colorado.

element6 Dynamics is harnessing the power of science to regenerate our planet by addressing its serious carbon imbalance–at scale. Our plan for over one million acres of industrial hemp under cultivation will sequester vast amounts of carbon and feed 60 processing facilities that transform the crop into essential value-added hemp-derived materials for major paper/pulp, plastics, and animal feed manufacturers.

In turn, these nature-based solutions further impact the planet by reducing tree harvesting, hydrocarbon emissions, and livestock methane emissions. The company will be both a net-negative carbon business and an important source of nature-based carbon offsets used by enterprises seeking to reduce their carbon footprint to meet their ESG goals and/or regulatory requirements.

Welcome to our new name and branding. Santa fe farms is now element6 Dynamics.

A name that better reflects who we are, who we serve and the profound responsibility each and every one of us at element6 Dynamics has to our mission, our partners, our clients, our shareholders and the impact of carbon on our planet.

Our name and logo treatment capture who we are. Our unique custom typography, lowercase at the beginning is designed to reinforce the approachability of our organization and the approachability to the science of carbon (element 6 on the periodic table). Our custom number has a fitting space to appear adjoined to the word element, and the color gradation from earth to sky, from land to ocean visualizes our range of offerings and impact. The second half of our name is Dynamics; a word whose meaning is important to us because we are an organization that “…stimulates growth, development, or change within a system or process.” Our company is at the forefront of an industrial paradigm shift away from putting carbon into the atmosphere to taking carbon out.

We are about carbon and change. We are element6 Dynamics.


Just one acre of hemp can supply the equivalent raw material for paper production of at least four acres of forest. Our goal is to reduce deforestation by reintroducing hemp as an alternative pulp source for paper-based goods.


The production of plastics in the U.S. alone results in over 150 billion pounds of petroleum-based material every year. Our innovations in hemp-based materials for the production of plastics, results in a more sustainable product without compromising quality or raw material cost.


Hemp seeds are a nutrient-dense, protein-rich grain that has the potential to help mitigate the current global animal feed shortage. With our pioneer research in hemp genetics, we can help supply the growing animal feed market with a regenerative protein alternative.