Company History

element6 Dynamics was founded following the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. Over subsequent years, e6D has strategically acquired companies across the hemp value chain, diligently exploring the plant’s multifaceted potential in various industries.

In 2021, e6D redirected its focus from minor cannabinoids to industrial hemp applications, specifically emphasizing fiber.

A partnership with the world’s largest on-demand printing company facilitated the development of e6 Pulp, following a year of extensive R&D, efficacy testing, and financial feasibility studies. Additionally, 2022 marked the successful implementation of a large-scale pulp trial.

element6 Dynamics’ stakeholders encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from the environment we strive to regenerate to the communities and industries we serve, and finally to the investors who have entrusted their capital to foster a more sustainable and profitable future alongside us.


• Reduce Deforestation

• Enhance Biodiversity

• Regenerate Soil


• Restore Farmland

• Bring Manufacturing Home

• Generate Quality Regional Jobs

Industry Partners

• Lower co2e than Kraft Process

• Superior Products at Price Parity

• Foster Collaboration

Our goal is to construct 10 regional facilities in the US to meet the COP goals of our CPG brand’s packaging needs by 2030 and this will only be achieved through partnerships and stakeholder involvement.

e6D understands the critical need to partner with leading industry organizations such as the world’s largest print on demand business and PAPACKs, a pioneer in molded and thermal formed fiber products. Partnerships extend to our regional farm partners, universities leading the world in genetics and regenerative agriculture and government agencies looking to make an impact.
element6 Dynamics leverages proprietary genetics grown across the U.S. and converts this industrial hemp biomass into market ready pulp, with an equal amount of USDA BioPreferred co-products created during the sulfur-free pulping process.