element6 Dynamics is at the forefront of an industrial paradigm shift away from putting carbon into the atmosphere to taking carbon out.

element6 Dynamics uses the hemp plant’s ability to capture carbon from the atmosphere, locking it into its plant fibers and into the soil, where it has many beneficial effects including soil regeneration and remediation.

Industrial hemp grows rapidly in a wide range of conditions, sequestering large amounts of carbon (approximately 5 tons of CO2/acre/year, more than most forest ecosystems) while enhancing soil health. Industrial hemp is also rich in cellulose and other materials that make it an ideal and sustainable source of industrial fibers, oils, and plant-based proteins, among many other products.

Hemp fibers are naturally stronger and more recyclable than tree fibers, and are also whiter, requiring less bleaching in production. From seed to harvest, hemp grows in 180 days with the potential of a multi-harvest year, depending on climate.


Modest innovations in materials science and production processes allow for the large-scale adoption of sustainable industrial hemp-based materials to displace destructive materials and processes in common use today.

element6 Dynamics is currently engaged in a range of R&D partnerships with leading universities as well as strategic development and supplier discussions with major corporations in the paper, plastic, and protein industries. Imagine what is possible.


element6 Dynamics’ impact is multi-dimensional and goes well beyond addressing our planet’s serious carbon imbalance. How we do it is as important as what we do. Our nature-based solutions create significant economic opportunities for farmers nationwide, including our many partnerships with Indian Country.

Similarly, our planned network of processing facilities will create circular economies in communities around the country. Cultivating industrial hemp on land previously compromised by industry delivers still more impact, as the practice can remove toxins and provide a range of other restorative benefits. The dynamics of what we do and how we do it are far-reaching and their impact is ever-growing and evolving.

When compared to traditional animal feed proteins, like corn or soybeans, hemp seeds are similar in protein and carbohydrates and are even richer in key compounds like Omega 3 and other fatty acids.

element6 Dynamics, formerly Santa Fe Farms, provides nature-based solutions to industry that accelerate the regeneration of the planet by addressing its serious carbon imbalance. Its large-scale cultivation of industrial hemp will sequester vast amounts of carbon and be processed into essential value-added hemp-derived materials for major paper/pulp, plastics, and animal feed manufacturers that further impact the planet by reducing tree harvesting, hydrocarbon emissions, and livestock methane emissions. The company will also be both a net-negative carbon business and an important source of nature-based carbon offsets used by enterprises seeking to reduce their carbon footprint to meet their ESG goals and/or regulatory requirements.