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Santa Fe Farms Acquires High Grade Hemp Seed

Acquisition helps boost hemp ecosystem growth plan to maximize benefits of hemp on planet

Santa Fe, New Mexico – March 10, 2021 Santa Fe Farms, an emerging regional, national and international leader in the development, production, and distribution of THC-free cannabinoids and other important industrial hemp products, announced that it has acquired High Grade Hemp Seed, a global leader in the production and sales of premium hemp genetics. The acquisition is part of its hemp ecosystem growth plan, to strengthen its portfolio of hemp-centric companies, with the goal of elevating the hemp industry on a global scale and maximizing its impact on the planet and its people.

Founded by seasoned investor Steven Gluckstern, Santa Fe Farms recognizes the critical importance of genetics to successful hemp farming and production, and High Grade fills that role. For High Grade, joining Santa Fe Farms provides a strong foundation in the supply chain side of hemp agriculture, as well as a springboard into industrial hemp and its rapidly growing list of potential applications.

As with any agriculture-based business, it all starts with the seed. Santa Fe Farms, its Latin American joint venture partner, AgribiotecnologÍa de Costa Rica, and High Grade share the mutual vision of continuing to evolve hemp genetics, working together to develop strains that will adapt to climate change, as well as serving customers’ and consumers’ needs and desires. The opportunities to transform hemp into end products that will change the nature of health, technology, housing and climate are vast, and the companies recognize that evolving hemp genetics is playing, and will continue to play a major role.

“In addition to their expertise in the cannabinoid genetics space, High Grade Hemp Seed brings expertise in the industrial hemp space,” explains Steven Gluckstern, Santa Fe Farm’s CEO. “We are setting the stage for what will be the future of Hemp production not only in the U.S. but internationally as well.”

“There are multiple benefits in becoming part of the Santa Fe Farms ecosystem,” says Bodhi Urban, founder of High Grade Hemp Seed. “High Grade has had a goal of expanding into the industrial hemp space. It feeds nicely into the Santa Fe Farms ecosystem that has ties to industrial research, as well as the ongoing pursuit of genetics for CBD as an ingredient. Aside from the economic and growth benefits for both companies, we are all committed to powering a global supply chain for a better, healthier and more sustainable world,”

High Grade recently announced that it is a Platinum Partner at the prestigious South by Southwest® (SXSW®) 2021.


About Santa Fe Farms

Santa Fe Farms has positioned itself to become a preeminent leader in the development, production, extraction, manufacturing, and distribution of THC free hemp-based phyto-cannabinoids as well as the vast range of other important hemp products, both chemical (i.e. Advanced Carbons) and industrial (i.e. Building Products and Systems.) For more information, visit

About High Grade Hemp Seed

HGH Seed, Inc., founded in 2011, is a Colorado-based hemp genetics company committed to farming top-quality, consistent strains of hemp. High Grade has been pivotal to the reintroduction of industrial hemp to the global supply chain. The company is known for its proven track record of compliance, high feminization and germination rates, and high cannabinoid levels. To learn more about High Grade, visit or call (833) 867-7333.


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