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High Grade Hemp Seed, A Santa Fe Farm’s Company is thrilled to be joining SXSW in 2021 as a Platinum Sponsor.

High Grade Hemp Seed, A Santa Fe Farm’s Company is thrilled to be joining SXSW in 2021 as a Platinum Sponsor. Our mission is perfectly aligned with SXSW’s theme of A NEW URGENCY.  Amplifying the call to address the climate crisis, we are actively working on driving change within the industry to meet this and the other global challenges that face us.  Santa Fe Farms is confident that by growing industrial hemp and enacting a vision for a sustainable hemp “ecosystem”, we are supporting the development of solutions to the global warming crisis; effectively accelerating the movement toward a carbon negative economy.

Our Impact Potential: 

  • One Acre Can Change the World: A single acre of industrial hemp sequesters more carbon than an acre of rainforest. A single acre of industrial hemp can produce massive amounts of food, fuel, solvents, industrial fibers, and meta-materials. And, in much of the US, we can cultivate three crops of hemp per year.
  • Build Sustainable Power Sources: By clean burning our hemp crop we can generate additional profit streams from advanced carbons such as graphene – one of the most electrically conductive material known to humans – which scientists believe can be used to develop energy storage devices that can eventually replace both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. 
  • Increase Food Production: Biochar created from burning hemp waste can be replanted to significantly increase food and crop production while sequestering vast amounts of carbon in the soil. 

  • Create Sustainable Housing: Building materials can be made from hemp far more effectively and less expensively than today’s forestry-based building materials resulting in housing that sequesters carbon for more than 100 years.
  • Reduce Reliance on Petroleum: Batteries, steel, fiberglass, glass, plastic, string, rope, cloth, building materials can all be improved with hemp derivatives taking the reliance off of petroleum-based products.
  • Leave the Trees Alone: Hemp can take the pressure off of the use of forests required for pulp and paper. 

  • Save the Soil: Used as a rotational crop, hemp can decrease fertilizer inputs, and it will enhance the soil’s organic matter through regenerative farming.

These are cornerstones of a sustainable agro-economy, and Santa Fe Farms is working hard to make sure that the use of hemp combined with technology equals sustainable carbon negative solutions. These themes are ingrained in our ethos and essential to the conversations we are having on a daily basis. It is our hope to connect with the SXSW audience through our fireside chats, intimate zooms and panel discussions and to engage audience members in meaningful ways.

In the Fireside Chat, “Hemp and First Nations: Exploring the Economic Potential of Hemp for Indigenous Peoples”, Santa Fe Farm’s CEO, Steven Gluckstern talks with Jemez Indian

Roger Fragua, CEO of COTA Holdings about one of Santa Fe Farms primary initiatives of working with Native American communities to address the issue of housing in a sustainable way. By working with communities to help them grow hemp, build factories to produce low-cost hemp-based building products, and build carbon-sequestering, energy efficient fire-resistant houses, Santa Fe Farms is helping 1st Nations increase human capacity and drive economic development while simultaneously addressing the secondary issues of healthcare and education.

In a conversation with Brando Crespi, Co-Founder of Pro Natura, an NGO which was the recipient of the Mitchell Prize for Sustainability, Steven Gluckstern discusses the use of biochar to address food security and climate issues in a Fireside Chat, “Hemp and the Eco Revolution: Is Hemp the Next big Sustainability Solution?”

Finally, “Hemp Seed Capital: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Pitfalls and Potential of Hemp Investments” is a Fireside Chat between Steven Gluckstern and Kim Kovacs, CEO of the Arcview Group in which they discuss the economics of Hemp, investing, and the future of sustainable hemp economy.

Imagine if we began to pay farmers for sequestering carbon by growing hemp – what would it look like if there was an economic incentive to do good in the world?   These are the types of thought-provoking conversations that we will have with SXSW audience members. It is time for a paradigm shift in our thinking. By engaging audiences in conversation for social impact we can drive that change.

We couldn’t be happier to be here.

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