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Leading the Hemp Paper and Packaging Revolution

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element6 Dynamics is an agtech company that has developed a renewable and sustainable alternative to tree-based pulp for use in paper, packaging and other related products.

Industrial hemp is a historical crop in the United States, and was grown initially for use in paper, rope, textiles and animal feed until its prohibition in the 1930’s due to political influence and became fully legalized again in 2018.

Industrial hemp is a regenerative and renewable replacement ingredient for pulp in paper and packaging. Most notably, due to the high cost of deforestation and the limited supply of tree-based pulp, industrial hemp (at scale) is also economically more attractive than the softwood pulp it replaces.

Deforestation accounts for 25% of annual global CO2 emissions, equal to all cars, trucks and airplanes combined. 68M trees are cut down annually in the US, the equivalent amount of 10 football fields every minute, with 50% of those trees harvested for pulp in paper, packaging and tissue- some single use products.

Industrial hemp as an alternative tree-based pulp solution further impacts the planet beyond reducing tree harvesting and by addressing the rising concerns of growing solely for non-perishables on fertile land. The co-products of hemp address the growing consideration of food security as the seeds/grains to be harvested as a sound nutritional, protein and amino acid source for human and animal feedstock.

The company will be both a net-negative carbon business and an important source of nature-based carbon offsets used by enterprises seeking to reduce their carbon footprint to meet their ESG goals and/or regulatory requirements.

5 ways industrial hemp benefits the paper and packaging industry

High cellulose concentration – less needs harvested for more output

Rapid growth cycle (120 days or less) – 20-30 years for average tree

Improves soil health (bioremediation) – cleans up toxins and heavy metals

Retains and uses less water – less time of growth, less water required

Sequesters more carbon per acre vs. 20-30 year old trees by a factor of 4-


Just one acre of hemp can supply the equivalent raw material for paper production of at least four acres of forest. Our goal is to reduce deforestation by reintroducing hemp as an alternative pulp source for paper, and packaging products.


With rising concerns around food security and utilizing land for non-perishable growth, industrial hemp is a crop of “ands” rather than “ors.” Yes, we are able to make pulp for paper and packaging AND we work with that same land to grow food, regenerate soil and sequester carbon (carbon credits).